Business proposal to
production of ointment for treatment skin diseases

Ointment is produced from bones, spinal and brain of cows, pigs, sheep and reindeer with addition of yolk of chicken and quail eggs. It possesses strong healing action with treatment of mechanical injuries, burns of skin, dermatitis, ichthyosis, bedsores, cracks of skin, children's exudative diathesis. Ointment has been used on volunteers after unsuccessful treatment by commercial accessible preparations. Analogue of Solcoseryl. Ointment possesses strong unpleasant smell. Ointment does not possess acute and chronic toxicity on animals and our volunteers. It is stored not less than two years at room temperature. Production of ointment from the brain and yolk is easily scaled. Technology of the production at present passed examination in Russian federal institute of industrial property of the object of obtaining patient. Effectiveness of treatment is about 50%. We can send a small quantity of ointment for testing.

Oleg Shulupin
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