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Section: USER COMMANDS (1) Updated: 28 May 2010
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mcx - perform various computations on graphs and matrices

mcx implements a variety of computations on graphs and matrices. The first argument to mcx should be a mode, which is a string establishing the type of computation to invoke. Each mode mode is described in the mcxmode manual page. The currently available modes are convert, diameter, clcf, q and ctty. The convert mode is thus described in the mcxconvert manual page.

Invoking mcx without arguments causes it to print out a list of available modes with a short description of the type of command line expected by that mode.

Invoking mcx with just a mode will print out a longer listing of options available for that particular mode. Modes that are able to function normally without arguments can be invoked by adding the --nop argument.

Several options are shared between all mcx modes. Note that these options are specified after the mode. See OPTIONS.

The --version causes mcx to print out version and license information.

These are options that pertain to all modes. They should be specified after the mode argument.

2m 2m -h (synopsis)
2m 2m --help (synopsis)
List available options.

2m 2m --nop (no-op)
Not an option. This option has no effect then to increment the argument count. This can be useful for mcx modes which are able to function without any options. Such a mode typically reads from STDIN, writes to STDOUT, and uses default settings. However, simply specifying a mode without options leads mcx to output a list of available options for that mode. This can be prevented by using the --nop option.

2m 2m -set (key=val)
Sets the key key to value val in the environment. Some modes allow adjustment of settings in this manner.

2m 2m -progress <num> (progress interval size)
Defines the interval that defines the progress frequency.

2m 2m --debug (turn on debugging)
Turn debugging on.

2m 2m --version (show version)
Show version.

Stijn van Dongen.

mclfamily(7) for an overview of all the documentation and the utilities in the mcl family.

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