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Section: USER COMMANDS (1) Updated: 28 May 2010
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mcxalter - various network transformations

mcxalter [-imx <fname> (specify matrix input)] [-abc <fname> (specify label input)] [-tab <fname> (use tab file)] [-o <fname> (output)] [-tf spec (apply tf-spec to input matrix)]

This utility supplies various transformations of networks.

2m 2m -abc <fname> (label input)
The file name for input that is in label format.

2m 2m -imx <fname> (input matrix)
The file name for input that is in mcl native matrix format.

2m 2m -tab <fname> (use tab file)
This option causes the output to be printed with the labels found in the tab file. With -abc this option will, additionally, construct a graph only on the labels found in the tab file. If this option is used in conjunction with -imx the tab domain and the matrix domain are required to be identical.

2m 2m -tf <tf-spec> (transform input matrix values)
Transform the input matrix values according to the syntax described in mcxio(5).

2m 2m -o fname (output file)
Output file.

Stijn van Dongen.

mcxio(5), mcx(1), mcxsubs(1), and mclfamily(7) for an overview of all the documentation and the utilities in the mcl family.

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