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Section: MeCab (1) Updated: March 2007
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mecab - manual page for mecab of 0.95pre1  


mecab [options] files  


MeCab: Yet Another Part-of-Speech and Morphological Analyzer

Copyright(C) 2001-2007 Taku Kudo Copyright(C) 2004-2006 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

-r, --rcfile=FILE
use FILE as resource file
-d, --dicdir=DIR
set DIR as a system dicdir
-u, --userdic=FILE
use FILE as a user dictionary
-l, --lattice-level=INT
lattice information level (default 0)
-D, --dictionary-info
show dictionary information and exit
-a, --all-morphs
output all morphs(default false)
-O, --output-format-type=TYPE
set output format type (wakati,none,...)
-p, --partial
partial parsing mode
-F, --node-format=STR
use STR as the user-defined node format
-U, --unk-format=STR
use STR as the user-defined unk format
-B, --bos-format=STR
use STR as the user-defined bos format
-E, --eos-format=STR
use STR as the user-defined eos format
-x, --unk-feature=STR
use STR as the feature for unknown word
-b, --input-buffer-size=INT
set input buffer size (default 8192)
-P, --dump-config
dump MeCab parameters
-C, --allocate-sentence
allocate new memory for input sentence
-N, --nbest=INT
output N best results (default 1)
-t, --theta=FLOAT
set temparature parameter theta (default 0.75)
-o, --output=FILE
set the output file name
-v, --version
show the version and exit.
-h, --help
show this help and exit.




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