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Section: User Commands (1) Updated: 2008-08-28
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midid - Raw Midi interpreter



midid [OPTIONS] [input_file]



This manual page documents briefly the midid command.

midid reads STDIN or input_file and interprets it as raw MIDI data according to the General Midi standard.

The General Midi data is sent to a sound device (default), a .MID file, or to timidity(1) if you specify it.

midid includes a standalone mode for timidity(1): midid will then attempt to start and configure timidity(1) itself for you.




Standard options

-o seconds--timeout=seconds
Turns output off after seconds of inactivity. (default: 0 - no timeout)
Stays resident ; doesn't stop at the end of file. It works only if input_file isn't STDIN.
Selects GM mode (default).
Selects MT32 mode.
-d device,--device=device
Comma-separated list of devices to use for output.
Lists devices.
Displays a help message.


Options for .MID file output device

-f,--file filename
Sets the .MID output filename. Default: midid.mid.
-t bpm,--tempo=bpm
Sets the tempo (beats/minute). Default: 120.
-q tickrate,--tick-rate=tickrate
Sets the number of ticks/quarter note. Default: 144.


Options for timidity(1) client

-s server,--server-name=server,
Sets the timidity(1) server host name. Default: localhost.
-p port,--port=port
Sets the timidity(1) server control port. Default: 0. Specifying 0 enables the standalone mode: midid will attempt to start and configure timidity(1) itself.


Options for using standalone mode with timidity(1)

-B path,--timidity-bin=path
Sets the timidity binary path.

-A args,--timidity-args=args
Specifies some extra arguments to pass to timidity(1) . Default:  -EFreverb=0 -EFchorus=0 -EFresamp=1 -EFvlpf=0 -EFns=0.

Tells timidity(1) to produce mono sound instead of stereo.
Tells timidity(1) to produce the low-q 8bit sound instead of the 16bit.
Tells timidity(1) to produce the unsigned samples instead of the signed ones.
-F rate,--timidity-freq=rate
Sets the sampling rate for timidity(1).
Enables the capturing mode: the data produced by timidity(1) gets captured by midid and forwarded to stdout. You won't hear any sound in that mode.






midid is:

Copyright (c) 1997 R.Nijlunsing <>

Copyright (c) 2002 Robert Komar <>

Copyright (c) 2002-2005 Stas Sergeev <>

This manual page was written by Francois Wendling <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).



Standard options
Options for .MID file output device
Options for timidity(1) client
Options for using standalone mode with timidity(1)

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