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Section: User Commands (1) Updated: September 27, 2002
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nws_memory - memory for the Network Weather Service



nws_memory [-a addresses][-n name][-C cache_entries][-d directory][-N host][-s size][-e file][-l file][-i file][-f file][-p port][-B dbname][-I seconds]



This manual page explains the nws_memory program. A nws_sensor(1) needs a nws_memory instance to store its measurements. The nws_memory stores measurements as data files in the current working directory or into a directory specified by the -d flag, one file per activity. The disk usage can grow high depending on the number of sensors registering. You may want to register the nws_memory with a nws_nameserver(1)

You can retrieve data from a nws_memory using the command nws_extract(1)



-a addresses

Specified a comma separated list of addresses (IPs or name) that the sensor will consider be aliases for the localhost. Used for multihomed machine when DNS doesn't return all the IPs associated with a name.

-n name

Use name as hostname. Useful the resolver aren't correctly configured and gethostname doesn't return a resonable value.

-C howMany

Specifies how many entries to cache into memory: this can make the memory more responsive for queries.

-e file

Save the error messages to file.

-l file

Save the log messages to file.

-s howMany

Save only howMany entries per series. A small number will use less disk space at the expense of a shorter history.

-i file

Write the pid to file

-N nws_nameserver

Register this nws_memory with nws_nameserver.

-d directory

Use directory as the directory to store the measurements. Every kind of measurement (as specified by activity) is grouped in the same file. The default directory is the current directory.

-p port

Listen to port instead of the default for the nws_memory (8050).

-I idle

remove series that haven't been updated for more then idle seconds (defaults is to keep series forever).

-B dbname

Store the series into a database, one table per series. Right now this is an experimental feature and it works only with PostgreSQL database.



This man page doesn't explain all the possible options that the nws_memory will obey.

Bugs list is at



NWS is an original idea of Rich Wolski Rich Wolski ( who came up with the original nws_memory.

Neil Spring, Jim Hayes ( and Martin Swany maintained and enhanced it.

Graziano Obertelli ( currently maintains NWS and wrote this man page.



nws_sensor(1), nws_search(1), nws_nameserver(1), nws_extract(1)




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