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Section: Maintenance Commands (8)
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msvc - control minit  


msvc [ -[uodpchaitko] ] [ -P pid ] service [...]  


msvc is the management interface to minit. service is the service directory name relative to /etc/minit. Starting with minit 0.9 you can also include /etc/minit/ in the service name.  


If no option is given, msvc will just print a small diagnostic message to stdout, saying if the service is up, down or finished, which PID it has if it is up, and for how long it has been in this state.
Up. If the service is not running, start it. If the service stops, restart it.
Once. If the service is not running, start it. If the service stops, do not restart it.
Down. If the service is running, send it a TERM signal and then a CONT signal. After it stops, do not restart it.
Pause. Send the service a STOP signal.
Continue. Send the service a CONT signal.
Hangup. Send the service a HUP signal.
Alarm. Send the service an ALRM signal.
Interrupt. Send the service an INT signal.
Terminate. Send the service a TERM signal.
Terminate. Send the service a KILL signal.
-P pid
Set PID. Tell minit the PID of the service is really pid. This is useful for services that fork themselves in the background but put their real PID in a file, typically called /var/run/ Used by pidfilehack.
-D service
Print dependencies. This will print all the names of all the services that were started because this services depended on them. Please note that this is not done recursively (i.e. if default depends on qmail and qmail depends on log, this will print qmail, not qmail/log. But msvc -D qmail will print qmail/log).
Print history. This will print the names of the ten least recently spawned processes. This is useful if you see a process looping (initialization fails and minit is restarting it all the time).


Generally, msvc return zero if everything is OK or 1 on error (could not open /lib/minit/in or /lib/minit/out or there is no process with the given name). In diagnostic mode, it will exit 0 if the service is up, 2 if it is down or 3 if it is finished.  


pidfilehack(8), svc(8)




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