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Section: System Administration Utilities (8) Updated: January 2011
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VBoxService - x86 virtualization solution  




[-f|--foreground] [-v|--verbose] [-i|--interval <seconds>] [--disable-<service>] [--enable-<service>] [-h|-?|--help] [--control-interval <ms>] [--timesync-interval <ms>] [--timesync-min-adjust <ms>] [--timesync-latency-factor <x>] [--timesync-max-latency <ms>] [--timesync-set-threshold <ms>] [--timesync-set-start] [--timesync-set-restore 0|1]
[--vminfo-interval <ms>]


-i | --interval
The default interval.
-f | --foreground
Don't daemonize the program. For debugging.
-v | --verbose
Increment the verbosity level. For debugging.
-h | -? | --help
Show this message and exit with status 1.

Service-specific options:

Enables the control service. (default)
Disables the control service.
Specifies the interval at which to check for new control commands. The default is 1000 ms.
Enables the timesync service. (default)
Disables the timesync service.
Specifies the interval at which to synchronize the time with the host. The default is 10000 ms.
The minimum absolute drift value measured in milliseconds to make adjustments for. The default is 1000 ms on OS/2 and 100 ms elsewhere.
The factor to multiply the time query latency with to calculate the dynamic minimum adjust time. The default is 8 times.
The max host timer query latency to accept. The default is 250 ms.
The absolute drift threshold, given as milliseconds, where to start setting the time instead of trying to adjust it. The default is 20 min.
Set the time when starting the time sync service.
--timesync-set-on-restore 0|1
Immediately set the time when the VM was restored. 1 = set (default), 0 = don't set.
Enables the vminfo service. (default)
Disables the vminfo service.
Specifies the interval at which to retrieve the VM information. The default is 10000 ms.
Enables the cpuhotplug service. (default)
Disables the cpuhotplug service.
Enables the memballoon service. (default)
Disables the memballoon service.
Enables the vmstats service. (default)
Disables the vmstats service.
Enables the automount service. (default)
Disables the automount service.
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Service-specific options:

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